Hi, I’m Matt. 

I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and a huge systemic nerd who’s passionate in utilizing systemic insights to facilitate change. These insights have been so profound and impactful that I’m currently working on my PhD in marriage and family therapy to offer an even better service.

In session, I do my best to be a transparent and authentic human being taking pride in creating a space that allows us the freedom to just be ourselves. Though I do have an expertise with my own educated assumptions, I’ll never be the expert of you. In our relationship your job will be to correct me when I’m wrong, so that I can better connect in what it means to be you and ultimately use that to facilitate change. Regardless of any previous or ongoing thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, I’ll relate to you as a valuable human being, without shame or judgement. At some point early on, you’ll hear me say how you make sense, and share how everything is connected. I know these are just words for now, but I’m confident in my ability to convey an entirely different way of thinking about people, problems, and change that relates to your current experience of the problem.

Another thing you’ll hear me say is that my job is to put myself out of a job.  This is me applying a systemic lens to my role of being a therapist in relation to your problem.  What I mean is that I recognize that once you’ve brought your problem to me that I am now a part of the system, either playing a role in breaking the homeostasis, or I’m playing a role in maintaining it.  No matter what, we’re all valid in only knowing what we can know and doing what we can do.  However, if you’ve been seeing me for a few months and no change has occurred then I know that my solutions to aid with your problem are not working and I have to try something different.  All this being said, I genuinely believe in your value as a human being and your capacity for genuine change.  My goal is not to keep you coming back forever, but to facilitate your genuine experience of change so you won’t need me or anyone else like me ever again.