“Matthew Tapper has been my therapist for almost 5 years. He is unlike any other therapist you will have in your life. He developed a Method that is his signature System of assisting people in dealing with their life circumstance including, pain, grief, Connection, relationships, divorce, separation etc. When you meet him you know he loves what he does.He is a life changer. Worth every Dollar you invest in yourself to be a Better you and then, you will be better with others. There is a methodology and a System to getting ahead in Life and that path of self discovery starts with and your time with Matthew Tapper.”
– Z G

“I started couples therapy last October with Matt and since the 1st session we knew he was the counselor for us. He is a great listener, positive and empathetic and he always gave us tips to improve our communication. Is not easy to go through infidelity but Matt made everything better for us!”
– Kelly S

“My husband and I went to Matt for a period of time and also did individual sessions. He was a tremendous guide in exploring the nature of how we relate to one another and the root of our conflict. I highly recommend his services, especially so if you’ve been unsatisfied with previous mental health providers. He is unlike any other counselor or therapist I’ve been to.”
– Kris F

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